Thursday, September 21, 2006

Things that go BOOM

Scene: an underground utility tunnel in Center City Philadelphia. Two PECO electrical workers are hard at their jobs.

Worker 1: Hey - see these two high-power lines?

Worker 2: Yup.

Worker 1: Remember which one plugs into which socket?

Worker 2: Nope.

Worker 1: Think it matters?

Worker 2: Nope.

Worker 1: Cool. Guess it doesn't.

And for this I pay an average of $188.16 per month?


dogimo said...

See, this is appalling. This is what's wrong with journalism today and down through the ages. You were clearly right there to record this exchange of dialogue, yet you couldn't bring yourself to violate your precious Prime Directive, to prevent it from happening! "Mustn't get involved in the story!" You had your opportunity to intervene and make a difference, yet you snidely blame others for your own inaction. Does a drowning man want an accurate, impartial write-up of the event in the Press, or does he want to be saved?


Sean Scully said...

No, in this case I am taking a page from Bob Woodward and recreating the scene based on months of intensive interviews with all of the players, their mothers, and people who knew them in Boy Scouts. Or perhaps I am making it up. Who's to say so? I'm Bob Woodward here, remember?

dogimo said...

That sort of ambiguity, that's precisely what's wrong with journalism down through the ages. I've made a real casual study of it over the years, and you can believe me when I say I know what I mean.

Who's Bob Woodward?