Sunday, September 24, 2006

Secret Language indeed

I think my favorite trend in the world of SPAM advertising - and God knows I'm a fan, all right - is the use of random word and phrase generators to create random text that will pass through a SPAM checker. Then you append an innoccuous looking image that contains the SPAM text you want to show to the world (Yes, this adds considerably to your credibility - hiding your message behind nonsense).

Once in a while, however, these seemingly random texts rise to the level of, yes, poety. Or at least really good prose. The lead of this one should be the start of my first novel (and the final line is deliciously cryptic).

the latest research in in between sips of a martini. it struggling with academic In a way that makes you Java's built-in pattern design problems, and better support in your own code.
environment. In other With Design Patterns, between Decorator, Facade reinvent the wheel to know how they

But you don't just You want to learn about want to see how Most importantly, on your team. real OO design principles
to know how they
matter--why to use them, in between sips of a martini. you want to learn the You want to learn about Something more fun.

or on the real relationship at speaking the language else. Something more Best of all, in a way that won't between Decorator, Facade someone struggles
look "in the wild". them to work immediately. else. Something more Something more fun.
and Adapter. With Head First (or worse, a flat tire),
sounds, how the Factory

You'll easily counter with your

Design Patterns, you'll avoid Head First book, you know to know how they in between sips of a martini.
challenging. Something real OO design principles
up a creek without

will load patterns into your

alone. At any given moment, more complex. also want to learn (or worse, a flat tire),
But you don't just that you can hold your
them to work immediately.

You want to learn the

words, in real world to do instead). You want Something more fun. patterns look in
Facade, Proxy, and Factory In their native it struggling with academic
advantage principles will help neurobiology, cognitive

want to see how and Adapter. With Head First design problems, and better In a way that lets you put With Design Patterns, Decorator is something from you have. You know
your time is too important so you look to Design
Facade, Proxy, and Factory
to use them (and when to learn how those
somewhere in the world

(and too short) to spend will load patterns into your and Adapter. With Head First the patterns that of Design Patterns so
format designed for the way when he casually mentions with look "in the wild".
the embarrassment of thinking to know how they (and impress cocktail party guests) Decorator is something from better at solving software
when he casually mentions
look "in the wild".
on your team. the latest research in what to expect--a visually-rich your time on...something Java's built-in pattern

your boss told you Decorator is something from in between sips of a martini.

a design paddle pattern. your boss told you
of patterns with others (and too short) to spend (or worse, a flat tire), the embarrassment of thinking
the embarrassment of thinking Most importantly,
matter--why to use them,

"secret language"


dogimo said...

Mr. Ibus, have you seen the ones where instead of randomly-generated text, they have passages of classic fantasy literature cut up and appended after the "online pharmacy" come-on? For I while I swore I was being spammed by the ghost of J.R.R. Tolkein. I get Jane Austin too sometimes. Those are a little steamier.

Sean Scully said...

Had not seen that. Looking forward to it:

It was the best of stocks, it was the worst of stocks...

Magna said...

You cynic! Next you'll be telling me there's something fishy about the Vjag4a, L3v!t%a, or C1@1i$ that kindly North Korean gentleman is offering such a good deal on. Those stocks and pharmaceuticals have got to be good, or they wouldn't be letting me in on the ground floor, now would they?

dogimo said...

This is beautiful! It's beautiful. I keep coming back to it. I've read it three times through now, the last time aloud.

Randomly-generated poetry to put my slaved-upon works to shame. A design pattern, to think about profusely decorating the inner world instead. Futile attempts to absorb replicate only empty Proxy, Facade. Your boss told you to wonder about embarrassing (or worse, a flat tire) between sips of a martini.

Oh, man. What, then, can the point possibly be? In all of this, when machine outdoes man at whimsy! Can the ineffable be reduced, digested by equation, spat out as formula? Pattern. No good shall come of this, no, nor bad neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so.

dogimo said...

I love this. Love it.