Wednesday, June 27, 2007

They said "Butt"...

Like most of my recent experiments, I found this one in Virginia. The Butt Head Bock is a decent dopplebock lager from Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub in Colorado. But it doesn't rise much above decent. It's richer than one would expect from a lager, darker in color. Should be refreshing on a hot day. I'm more fond of Ales - and when I do lagers, I like Victory's assorted types. It is, by the way, deceptively strong - north of 8 percent alcohol.

Two hearts aren't enough

This came highly recommended from the owner of a very nice beer and wine store in Virginia. It's from Bell's Brewery in Michigan, which I have heard of but never tried. He said Bell's is among the best in the country now.

I have to say, however, I am not an immediate convert on this. The Two Hearted Ale is, well, a little thin for my taste. It doesn't have the kind of hop punch I would want from an India pale ale. It's not bad, precisely, but it is not memorable. I am struggling to come up with adjectives to describe the taste, which is a bad sign. It does have a nice sort of grassy aroma, but the smell doesn't translate into the flavor. This is probably a good beer for a hot day, when a lot of IPAs would be too heavy, but it's not one I'm going to go out of my way for.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's start with a can

I picked this Sea Hag IPA up in Richmond while visiting my brother. It caught my eye only because it was in a can - very trendy in good beer these days, but not something I've tested yet.

So I bought it.

The verdict?

Nothing wrong with it. A nice dark color. A little bit malty. Not very IPA-like, but tasty. The can I had seemed a little flat, though not completely. And there was a little bit of chunky sediment in it, but that's not a crime. It's a little low on the alcohol scale for an IPA - around 6 percent - but that too isn't a crime.

Perhaps I will buy it again. Perhaps not. At least I know that a decent beer can be had from a can.

Beer is good

I have decided to devote my life to beer. I know this is sudden news, though to those who know me, it may not come as a surprise. I just hope my family and friends understand my decision. I hope someday they will come to understand and appreciate how vital this mission is. The very future of humanity could be improved by beer. (Or at least good beer - I believe Coors Light is a frightful existential threat to the universe itself. But that's another post). Who knows what changes this could bring to my life, but the cause is worth it.

Why bother to escape?

Let's pause a moment to consider that this man:

was on the lam in Utah for several days last year, then managed to escape briefly earlier this month after killing an officer escorting him to a medical appointment.

I suppose the man expected to simply blend into the crowd? Excellent planning.