Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wow, I have finally entered the 90s

This whole blog thing has got me all sweaty with excitement, so I decided to dabble in a website too. I have an actual, honest to God website. A first in my family. Except my brother, of course, who knows what the Hell he is doing with this stuff. Oh, and my mother, who piggybacks on my brother's site. At least I know my wife and kids don't have websites, so I am #1 somewhere at least.

So far, it amounts to less than this blog, which is to say, I have nothing exciting on it at all, 'cept a really nifty picture (taken by my wife) of my youngest son while making cupcakes.

Trust me, it's just a temporary arrangement. But I suppose for a first tentative step into web development, it's not too bad. I mean, it's got words and pictures and hyperlink-thingys and everything, just like the big boys. And they don't have any pictures of Colin.

Oh, I have this grand vision - resume, profile, serious discussion of all the wonderful things I am able to do for money (um, let's see. Write. Edit. Report. Did I mentioned write?). We'll see if I get that far. Maybe I'll just post dorky vacation photos. Or come up with a grand high concept. Did I mention I will write for money?


Cassie said...

Your brother and you look like you could be related!

BTW, I was going to hire you to do some writing for me, and then I read that last sentence of the first paragraph.

Sean Scully said...

Uhoh, which paragraph?

Cassie said...

The one that starts and ends with "at least". :-)

Sean Scully said...

Ok, not very artful, I admit. But I can't produce poetry ALL the time.