Friday, March 24, 2006

Say it ain't so, Ben

Oh, jeez, please tell me this isn't true. If it is, I am deeply disappointed by my young friend Ben Domenech - he seemed too smart for this. Plagiarism is the most pernicious, self-destructive thing a journalist can do, and the real pity is that is is relatively easy to avoid. But I guess it would fit something of a pattern - it's often the young, ambitious, smart ones that go down because the pressure is too great, from others and on themselves. I think of Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair and even Janet Cooke. Every journalist in one way or another is aware of the temptation, but the hyper-driven ones sometimes succumb. I just hope this isn't true, but the Daily Kos file looks pretty incriminating, as does a similar one from Salon. And this from Salon is troubling as well.

Afternoon Update: Ben resigns.


we saw that... said...

pretty lame thing to do especially when people are watching; dissecting everything you write. guess he outsmarted himself.

Sean Scully said...

yes, I am astounded people do this still since it is so easy to track.