Tuesday, March 28, 2006

White Trash 2

My letter on Romenesko generated a couple of interesting responses, both well reasoned, though I do object to saying that I am "defending" the use of White Trash, which slightly misses my point. But such is life.

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we saw that... said...

well dan mitchell misses your point and it looks like he just likes to write to see his name on the screen.
when mitchell writes:

since there are people -- lots of them, all over the place -- of low intelligence, a lack of aesthetic sense and near-primitive social skills, it makes sense that they would be identified and ridiculed. Why shouldn't they be?

he wants to paint everyone that he sees (or glimpses more like it) that he upon snap judgement deems different from him with the same brush. he has no milk of human kindness for people.

later he goes on to say that not all people who live in trailers are trailer trash but at the same time implies that they are all "poor...elderly and harmless"

he finishes by saying that in his view trashy people include "mustachioed wife beaters" and "vinyl-clad banger with the earth-shaking car stereo." well there are plenty high society suv driving yuppies that are the exact same way. and oh yeah i see white boys driving expensive cars thumping their rockford fosgates would anyone call all of them trash?

his last sentence is most telling: "No need to add any qualifiers" adding qualifiers is exactly what he has done throughout his essay lol.

the other guy terry carter makes a lot of sense. his perspective is pretty much dead on.