Sunday, December 11, 2005

A question worth asking

One reader writes on "A Really Sad End Pt. II:"

"you are right it is senseless and disturbing. there is a lesson in all this for the rest of us but i cant figure it out yet. any ideas?"

Which is a question deserving an answer. Or, lacking an answer, at least some thought.

I can't quite get my head around it. The flippant, easy answer, of course, is the lesson is to be careful who you help. The serious answer is that there seems to be a segment of society that has so little to look forward to, so little hope, and such narrowed perspectives that it seems perfectly reasonable to kill someone over a single lost paycheck (that he had nothing to do with anyway). What to do about it? God knows. If I had the answer I'd be running for office. Which I am not.

1 comment:

homda said...

Don't believe everything people tell the newspaper!

Mr. Wonderful wasn't as he appeared in your friend's article and the true motive will come out.

Seems Terrell liked his hype and peddled the pipe too!!!

Make sure your People buddy covers the preliminary hearing.