Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My own humble contribution...

From Time.com, my wee dispatch on the Intelligent Design dispute. I hear one of my colleagues is working on a companion analysis piece, which isn't up at this moment, but should be interesting.

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we saw that... said...

thanks for this article- its difficult if not impossible for me to say exactly what i think without first viewing the statement: "...science teachers to read a brief statement during the 9th grade biology class..." but after reading your article and thanks for all the peripheral information you included

i would have to say that this judge is rather small minded because as far as i know our minds eye cant be proven or explained scientifically either but here i am typing to you and seeing a golden maui beach.

anyway whats the point of education for? isnt it a part of education to seek knowledge and to bring up information, study it, debate it and decide for ourselves what has merit and what doesnt?

i really dont understand why there is this barney fifesque movement amongst the elite to stifle all debate along these lines.

i was taught that the theory of spontaneous generation was disproven a couple of hundred years ago this is the theory where man thought that rats came from piles of garbage and maggots from dead flesh etc...

so we know that life can not come from nothing. the essential building blocks had to have came from somewhere.

so i dont see anything wrong with exposing students to all these theories because thats what they all are. teach and debate evolution, creationism, intelligent design, whether mankind and planet earth was created by characters similar to gene roddenberry's "Q" whatever.

iam disappointed that a federal judge no less has such poorly developed reasoning and critical thinking skills.