Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Horror. The Horror.

A couple of years ago, my wife's aunt gave us an odd little Christamas device known as a gumdrop tree. It is a stainless steel tree with small, artfully placed spikes on it. Onto these spikes, you stick gumdrops, creating an amusing and colorful (and edible) Christmas decoration.

Undecorated, it looks like this:

When it is festively decorated, it looks like this:

But today at the grocery store, the boys and I hit on what we thought was a terribly clever idea - we would buy gummy bears and decorate the gumdrop tree with the bears as a hilarious prank on mommy.

We got home and broke out the bears. There was, however, an unanticipated problem. The material in gummy bears is so tough and rubbery that you have to completely pierce the little bear to get it on the spike. After a couple of bears had been mounted in this way, I realized the effect was entirely too creepy and we abandoned the project. Judge for yourself.

I decided to go with Spice Drops.


we saw that... said...

heh came across this story this morning linked from raw story and for some reason immediately thought of this post of yours...

Sean Scully said...

Mm. Lovely image. Thanks.