Saturday, December 03, 2005

Feed the World, Anna

I happened to be covering the Live 8 event for People in Philadelphia and saw Anna Nicole Smith's bizarre appearance there. She was indeed scantily clad - her "shirt" consisted of two rectangles that hung from a string around her neck. Each rectangle was composed of a dozen or so overlapping plastic plates loosely stitched together. Naturally, the whole thing did little to cover her most distinguishing characteristics, which were swinging free without a bra. The only things that kept her from being completely exposed were two Playboy logo pasties over her nipples. The effect was, shall we say, dramatic.

To make it weirder, she was scheduled to make some remarks, but at the last second her people announced that she would simply pose for photos and would not take questions. She had to be helped up the steps to the photo area. She thereupon proceeded to wiggle for the camera in a most remarkable way, and for an uncomfortably long time. People eventually began to laugh and someone cried out "Feed the World, Anna." She grabbed her breasts, wiggled them invitingly at the audience of journalists and cooed "ooooh, feed the world." Moments later, her people escorted her firmly from the stage.

My question is, how could anyone tell if she was drunk or not?


we saw that... said...

lmao! thanks for a first hand look at this story. what gets me though is page 2 of the complaint the last sentence in paragraph 4 "However, Live 8 delivered its promise and Mrs. Smith appeared as a part of the ABC broadcast". and then in the same paragraph the preceding sentences they admit that smith was "scantily clad" "intoxicated" and "totally inappropriate" yet they let her go on the big broadcast anyway. lol. what am i missing here?

if i was anna nicole smith and i suddenly found myself made defendant in this suit i would crossclaim it over on whoever was managing or handling me that day its their fault for letting me get in that shape in the first place.

those websites you gave are great too thanks

Sean Scully said...

I live to serve. Thanks.

annie0506MySimpleLife said...

Most artist take drugs before they make public appearance...I wonder whether she took it,too. Too bad.