Wednesday, December 02, 2009

This space available

I got a number of positive responses from my post of yesterday, disclosing that I have never been compensated by anyone for any product plugs (Kraft Olde English Cheese is delicious, by the way). Several people offered to buy me a beer (Bear Republic products can't be beat). Even my old friend Charlie Puritano took time out from his busy schedule as a film-maker and part time Ninja to weigh in (PMG - look into it).

But sadly, I have yet to hear from my most lucrative potential client, Chrysler (buy a Jeep or I'll kick your ass. Seriously). You'd think they'd have a little gratitude since I have purchased not just one, but two Jeeps just this year.

Some day, I guess, I will learn how to monetize this Internet thing. Provided it isn't just a fad.


dogimo said...

What the hell would you do with a third jeep...?

Trade you a case of Hop Rod Rye for it!

Sean Scully said...

I don't need a free Jeep (though for all you Chrysler executives out there, let it be known that I wouldn't MIND a free Jeep). I want cash. And lots of it.

And a case of Hop Rod. Free.