Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Full disclosure

The new Federal Trade Commission rules on blogger disclosure have finally put me in a very uncomfortable position. So today, the day the regulations become effective, I must finally come clean about my association with the many products and services that I have mentioned in my blog over the years.

I am not proud to admit this, but federal law and decency compels me.

The sad truth is that I got paid squat. Nothing. Not even a free paperclip. I have done all my fine work, written all my intricate and well-reasoned prose, for nothing. Nobody paid me a dime. Not that I wouldn't have been happy to accept a wee token. Free Beer? Yep. Money? Damned right. Even a little pat on the back and a few kind words from some ruthless running dog of capitalism would have been nice.

But nothing.

Thanks, FTC, for making me admit publicly that my work is worthless.


dogimo said...

Thanks for the heads-up!

Sean Scully said...

I sense a Geode post coming on. Maybe even an entry in FAQ2: The Rise of the Drones

dogimo said...

No, no post - I just added a static disclaimer to the sidebar! I didn't really have a good take to work it up into a worthy post, and yours was to clean to try to top. But I do want to be in compliance! So, sidebar it is.

It's right under the "About Me."