Friday, December 18, 2009

It isn't Yoo-Hoo

My father is quite fond of Jean Shepherd. We used to listen to him on the radio and later watch his show, Jean Shepherd's America. To this day, his voice is as familiar to me as any member of my family's. And one Shepherd bit has stuck with me for years - his ode to beer. It's funny because my father dislikes beer and so at the time I saw this, I would have disapproved of beer - it wasn't until many years later that I grew into my current obsession. But still, hearing Shepherd's voice over pictures of vats of frothy beer worked a hypnotic magic on me.

This is a great old clip - Shepherd really gets cranking in his patented style around 4 minutes in, when he hoists a glass himself and recalls his father's love of beer.

"This isn't just a drink," he said. "It isn't Yoo-Hoo. This is beer."

"When you look at that glass of beer," shepherd concludes, "you're looking at life itself. The mother of us all: Beer."


dogimo said...

DAMN IT I just spilled my beer!!


I was like 7 minutes in and let me tell you Sean, after cleaning my mess up (half my Celebration Ale! Gone!), let me tell you, this thing so deeply reached me not only did I re-start it to watch from the start, but I watched it again after that. Also, when I came back from the kitchen with not only a towel for beer-wiping and -sopping, but I brought an additional Celebration Ale to have handy to crack after I finished what half was left from the spilled bottle. I knew I'd be needing it!

I am going to post this on my blog. It's that good.

dogimo said...

I'm going to have to set it to auto-post tomorrow. I just posted a video, I don't like to post video after video after video.

I really love this, Sean. What a great piece of op/ed journalism. Just for you buddy: Some song lyrics:

"Beer: The Difference"

Studies have proved that the first one's good
for your heart, so here's to your health
you're always too self-distressed, you're too
second-best, too hard on yourself
It was bad before, but it's not anymore
and everyone here is my witness
I was mad before, but I'm not anymore
can't anyone here say the reason's not clear,
because beer: is the difference
beer: is the difference
beer: is the difference

I am so moved by the love in this room
that I can't use the bathroom yet
I couldn't see, when I cried real tears
but it's joy over all of you, I won't forget
I was hurt before, no pain anymore
my brain can't even cover the distance
there was wrong before, but it's not anymore
no all I can see is alright by me, because
beer: is the difference
beer: is the difference
beer: is the difference

tomorrow I'll probably hurt just as bad
as it hurt when I awoke today
but look at the time
- can you see the time?
ah, screw it
it's too far away
I've been drunk before,
and there's always the floor
to catch you when ever you need it
you looked great before
- have I seen you before?
well, you really do look great
I mean it, I mean
is it beer? it's the difference
beer is the difference
beer: the difference

Sean Scully said...

Everyone needs more Jean Shepherd in his life, Geode-san.

dogimo said...

See, and you play it off all "My father is quite fond of..."

You're always coming with that impartial jut to your jib! It's just ingrained by now I guess.

Brutalism said...

Just watched "A Christmas Story" last night...timely. Will view clip now.

Unrelated: you make your own bread, pasta and beer? You're no longer allowed to be funny, too.

Sean Scully said...

I have also been known to make my own bacon. But that is sort of funny, I guess.