Friday, June 05, 2009

Things I had forgotten about until today

Saw this posted on a local website I like and I was briefly transported back. Did we all ever look this young?


dogimo said...

So...Stipe was never not a prima donna?

I hate that prick with a passion. Great singer. Great lyricist. Memorable front-man dance.

Which he doesn't seem to have quite developed yet, here.

dogimo said...

From the same Letterman episode:


Sean Scully said...

Stipe is pretty much a whiny wiener, as far as I can tell. I never quite forgave him for that crack he made once about the Beatles meaning nothing to music.

Of course, the only one of the band I have actually met (however briefly) was Peter Buck and he seemed like a total asshole. He was touring with Robyn Hitchcock, who was really gracious and pleasant.

Sean Scully said...

Of course, Stipe can make anything sound like a hymn:

dogimo said...

Stipe's life is a hymn.


dogimo said...

And the proof: Bill Gates on guitar and backup vocal, in the clip you linked to.

Bill + Mike singing = gorgeous harmonies, man!