Friday, June 12, 2009

On Having Children, Pt. 2

My older son today got an award on the last day of school - everyone in the whole school gets something, so some of the categories are distinctly weird.

But our credulity was strained to the limit when he reported the pin he received was for "Best Aggression." Not only would this be wildly out of character for my son, it seems like an utterly bizarre thing to reward outside the context of, say, football camp or the Marine Corps.

But then we figured out it was "best progression," based on his amazing progress in Math this year.

It makes a lot more sense, but I am strangely disappointed. "Best Aggression" is actually kind of a cool category, now that I think about it.


dogimo said...

"best progression" would be a good one for a guitarist.

dogimo said...


Man. I'd love to be on the committee making that shit up.

Good way to get fired?

Any award you give out that incorporates the word "sexiest." Unless you can play it off like

"Sexiest Volcano Diorama"