Friday, January 27, 2006

Lynn Swann gets handed the ball

It is THIS kind of stuff that makes me love politics.


we saw that... said...

nice story gotta love those quotes found it interesting that no governor there has ever lost a reelection.

ps a few weeks ago i thought i posted a comment here and it got it back a few days later in the form of an email. i assume that your email inbox was full or something. anyway just letting you know.

Sean Scully said...

Hm, dunno what happened - I didn't reject it. In fact, I haven't rejected anyone's comments so far. So it must have gotten lost somehow. Try it again - I am always glad to have comments.

jenzahara said...

Sean, here is a comment for you. Enjoy.

Great writing!
(And I get to live under Gov. Swann maybe??)

Sean Scully said...

Greetings Jen. Having lived under governor Arnold for a couple of years, I can tell you that it is unbridled joy to live under the wise and gentle governance of a celebrity. All will be well in the Keystone state.