Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dumbass of the year award

We have a winner . Ha, Ha. What a funny prank this was. Next time, let's just stab each other with sharpened sticks. Or perhaps douse our friends in gasoline and light a match for a jolly good laugh. Guess this old joke applies now to practical jokes on your friends.

Incidentally, the Times Dispatch article linked above was written by an old friend of mine, the best journalistic storyteller I have ever met. If you're passing through Roanoke, Va., look him up and try to trick him into buying you a beer. Tell him I sent you.


Cassie said...

Literally criminal stupidity. It's horrible that the lives of two families can be completely torn apart because one person arrogantly believes the rules don't apply to him.

Sean Scully said...

It is shocking to me what some people think is a good idea. Of course, that having been said, I myself have had some ideas that seemed really keen at the time and yet in restrospect seemed thunderingly stupid. Fortunately, however, I have so far proven to have more sense than to do something fatally stupid like electrocuting my friends. Though I did once shoot a friend with a BB gun that I didn't realize was loaded. No injuries, but he was pretty damned surprised. I have been wary of firearms of all sorts ever since.