Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Idle Pondering updated

I am told by a reliable source (i.e. someone who works rather close to Insight) that the magazine is not longer a serial liar (and believe me, it used to be. I too long ago worked dangerously close to Insight, as in downstairs at the Washington Times).

So what do you know? This may in fact be true.

Which leads me to wonder: What does the president do all day if he only talks with four people? What does he do with the other 23 and a half hours in the day? He cannot nap all the time, nor can he exercise all the time. And there is no brush to clear anywhere on the White House grounds.

So what does he do?

Ronald Reagan reportedly filled time watching movies, which makes sense given his former occupation. But it isn't as if George W. can fill his empty hours with governing Texas or prospecting for oil. Perhaps he is back to managing the Texas Rangers, if only in his mind.


miss andrea said...

You always have interesting things to say. If any journo outta be rambling, it's you, dude.
Rock on.
Your pal and fan, Miss Andrea

Sean Scully said...

Golly, my first non-Spam comment. This Blog thing may just work out OK. Thanks.

Atomic Dog said...

Aww... Seanie has a new fwiend. ;)