Sunday, November 20, 2005

All Down Hill from Here Pt. 2

On reflection, I suppose there is a greater sign of creeping Fogey-hood than watching classic sports films. It is this:

I bought this with an Amazon gift certificate my dad gave me. I logged on intending to buy some books and CDs I was behind on, but then I saw that Amazon has a category for "Musical instruments." That got me thinking.

And $250 later, I have everything I need to be a major league guitar player. Except I don't know how to play the damned thing.

Fortunately, there is software to help one do this, so I am learning slowly. If all music involved nicely executed G, D, and A7 chords, I would now be a Claptonesque guitar god. Otherwise, I may have a way to go.

I do hope this completes the midlife crisis.


annie0506MySimpleLife said...

I once plan to buy a nice classical guitar but then I changed my mind since I don't have the time to learn and explore the instrument...But when you mentioned there is a software available for beginner...that's really interesting!

Sean Scully said...

I don't know about classical guitar, but for the standard steel-stringed acoustic guitar this software seems pretty good. It's called "eMedia Guitar Method." It has lots of good excercises and information and a built in tuner that you can use with your computer microphone. My only complaint is that the songs they give you to practice on seem to have been arranged by tone-deaf space aliens. But what do you want for $49?