Thursday, November 24, 2005

About damned time

This from the US Weekly website yesterday (don't even ask why I was looking at this site):In this week's issue:

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Announce Separation To Us Weekly 10pm EST

Now, officially speaking, I am terribly sad that my most-of-the-time employer People magazine didn't get the story first. For what it's worth, US claimed to have broken the news at 10 a.m., People at 11:30 a.m. Curse you, US Weekly.

But in real life, I must say: Thank God. Can we all stop talking about this now? Was there ever a story of romance and breakup that mattered less to anyone than this one? I suspect even Jessica's family is sick of this saga.

Am I wrong about this? Is there something about Jessica Simpson that I am missing, something that might make her matter?

Gosh, I wonder what Paris Hilton is up to this weekend?


we saw that... said...

the story is important because drudge heralds the link high above the fold.

the few times i have flipped through the news channels today ive noticed this story is already getting big play.

it makes me wonder if they didnt already have the breakup story put together well at least the video part of it anyway?

you might remember a few years back how some googleophile found cnn's prewritten obituaries on the queen mum and bob hope are the two i remember.

on the other hand i hope everyone feels the same way you do and it dies down after this news cycle because in other news this business owner over in new orleans cant get back in what should have been a "quick return" to business because of incompetance and red tape. and the mayor is on vacation at jamaica.

i bet this business guy would love to have had the opportunity today to have earned some money to have bought a us weekly or people or internet access to hit drudge. now which story is it that we should be focusing on? why the one with the blonde hair big boobs and cameltoe of course!

ps i hope you didnt just beetlejuice PH back into the spotlight i was just able to eat hamburger again lol

Sean Scully said...

Wouldn't surprise me if the story wqs pre-written, at least in part. We do a lot of that in journalism - you may not know EXACTLY what's going to happen, but you know the general background stuff that will be useful no matter which way the story goes. It's actually got a name - "b-matter" - which represents all the routine detail that you'll need for a story. It's better to have all that stuff on hand in advance if you know something is about to happen.