Saturday, November 28, 2009

Everyone's a critic

I once heard some old editor - maybe it was Ben Bradlee, but maybe it was some other crusty old cuss - say that, based on the letters he received over his career, he had concluded that there were three things that every man believes he is able to do better than every other man: Build a fire, make love to woman, and edit a newspaper.

And in this spirit, I must say this guy really got under my skin:

The News Behind the Story Between the Lines of the Meta-Narrative Surrounding the Nonevent

In fact, if this idiot thinks he can run my blog better than me, I say give it a try, Buddy. I quit. You run the place for a while.



dogimo said...

I don't believe I can build a fire or make love to a woman better than any man, necessarily. But if we're talking about doing both simultaneously, than ya damn right!

I wouldn't try to add editing a newspaper to that mix. Too much risk of it getting set on fire, and then the whole bed goes up in flames right at the maximum inconvenient moment for everybody.

Sean Scully said...

I like a man who understands his limitations.