Monday, February 02, 2009

25 things about me

Several people on Facebook have tagged me with this 25 Things About Me game. I find it sort of interesting, but I am not sure I want to play exactly as required. It smacks too much of a chain letter, and I throw those away on principle. And yet, the game is sort of fun - some of the results come close to poetry (Look here and you'll see what I mean).

So I am going to say 25 things about me, but I am not going to tag 25 of my closest friends, relations, and henchmen. So sue me.

1. I have a morbid fascination with Chinese buffets.

2. I always wanted to be a Constitutional lawyer.

3. I have an irrational fear of compressed gasses of all sorts.

4. People don’t seem to believe me when I say I am both shy and lazy.

5. Animals interest me only in so far as I can cook delicious meals with them. But I would cook them with deep love and respect.

6. I think the Rolling Stones are better as an idea than as a rock band. Ditto for U2.

7. I have a bad temper, but it takes a long time to get to it.

8. I am a surprisingly good body surfer.

9. Good beer brings me joy.

10. I like American Idol and I don’t care who knows it.

11. I remember being five years old – and I miss it.

12. When I attempt to speak a foreign language, I suffer a crippling bout of insecurity, which instantly renders me unintelligible.

13. I have disproportionately short legs.

14. I cry when I read the final chapter of the House at Pooh Corner.

15. Driving to some place new is one of my quiet pleasures.

16. I always wished my hair was straight so I could wear it really long without looking like Kenny G.

17. I believe that most people in government sincerely want to serve the public interest, although they don’t always succeed.

18. I like to eat lunch alone.

19. I have an enduring and completely inexplicable fixation on Russian history.

20. I write better when I am hungry, but I only think I write better when I am drunk.

21. If money were no object, I would live on Maui.

22. I think Vegemite is delicious if eaten in moderation.

23. I maintain my own sourdough yeast colony, making me, technically, a yeast farmer.

24. My math skills are dismal, even with a calculator.

25. I have yet to decide what I want to do when I grow up.


dogimo said...

Didn't you get banned from Facebook? You should make that one of your 25 things!

Sean Scully said...

This is automatically posting back over to facebook (Minus the comments) and I didn't think it was good policy to pull the kitty's tail.

How about this:

26. I was banned for life from Facebook but I sneaked back on.

dogimo said...

>It smacks too much of a chain letter, and I throw those away on principle.

This too should be one of the 25. In fact, including this as one of the 25 would be a way of subtly honoring the principle of the thing while self-explanitorially explaining your opt-out of Fwd'ing.

But I'll help you out. Consider me tagged.

What are the rules of this thing? 25 random facts?

Sean Scully said...

Rules are you are supposed to post 25 things about yourself then, at least on Facebook, tag 25 of your friends - that effectively links their profile to your list and alerts them to your list. It is a bit of a fad now on facebook, but there is a growing backlash - my friend Olivier Knox referred to the writers as "25 things about me harpies".

I'd like to see your 25, though, Joe.

dogimo said...

Here ya GO!

dogimo said...

I tell you, I love #17 and I want to believe it too.