Monday, May 12, 2008

Every Homeowner's Nighmare

Oh my god, there's a leek in my bathroom.

Damn. Now there are multiple leeks.


dogimo said...

Dude. Two sinks? Side by side?

Sean Scully said...

yes. You may worship me at will.

Magna said...

The next time someone shows up and says he wants to take a leek, send him to that bathroom. Problem solved!

dogimo said...

So dude - what did you do with these? Got a recipe?


Sean Scully said...

I think my wife added them to a polenta she was doing, though I don't remember precisely.

dogimo said...

Man. Lucky man. Polenta-making wives, I tell you. That's luxury you can't afford to take for granted.

Of course, you make beer. So lucky all around.