Thursday, April 10, 2008

I can't decide

This is either the coolest tank nerd thing I have ever seen or it is kind of sad:

The one thing that does annoy me is that he refers to it as a "Panzer Tank," which is wrong, or at least completely unnecessary. It's like saying a "Tank Tank" Or "Armored Vehicle Tank." But other than that, this is an act of geeky genius.

What worried me, though, is that when I did some research to find the right code to embed this video here, I discovered that there is an entire subculture of paintball-based tanks. Look what happens when you search for "Paintall" and "tank" on the video site Liveleak or Google "Paintball Tank."

Alarming, no?


dogimo said...

See, I always thought that the "Panzer" tank was just the "Panther" to the later German "Tiger", but seems I was mistaken.

As usual, what I thought makes more sense than what actually happened.

Sean Scully said...

No. Panzer means "armor," despite it's similarity in sound to "Panther." Our German speaking friends would have to advise on what the word for "Panther" might be.