Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I just needed to share this

I'm not a particularly good speller. I have gotten much better in recent years through considerable effort but it is something I have struggled with since I first learned to write. Spell check is a nice feature that has saved me much heartache, but it only catches blatantly misspelled words. For example, "public" and "pubic" are both spelled correctly as far as the computer is concerned. The machine has no way of knowing that the person at the keyboard meant to write a front page story about a "poorly-attended public hearing," as I discovered to my sorrow one day early in my career.

Which brings me to today and a small triumph. While typing along in a story about a long interview with a locally-famous Chinese chef, I managed to type the word "chrysanthemum" without a pause and without resort to spell check.

I just thought you'd want to know.


dogimo said...

Who cares if you're a good speller. That's the editor's job! What matters is that you're an excellent witer.

Sean Scully said...

Well, there is that. But I bet most of the editors I have worked for would pause a moment before attempting "chrysanthemum" without a net.

dogimo said...

Yeah, it doesn't look wite to me either.