Monday, June 07, 2010

Yeah, me too


dogimo said...

It probably is! A "doller" (bacillus dolleri) is one of the most ubiquitous forms of harmless bacteria there is. Uncountable swarms of them cover just about every surface you see and touch.

Even though they don't interact with us one way or the other, they're actually beneficial, in that they take up space that opportunistic, pathogenic microorganisms might otherwise move into!

dogimo said...

Oops. I was wrong about the name, though. Don't know where I got that. It sure wasn't Google!

Google is blameless on this one.

dogimo said...


I could of sword I put in an hilarious comment on this one!

Maybe I only wanted to.

Sean Scully said...

No, not crazy. I have just been a little behind on checking in here. Like since April. You know, work interferes with my blogging schedule now.

While I had been gone, 25 very nice Chinese gentlemen posted comments that I cannot read but I am sure are entirely congratulatory in nature.

dogimo said...

The same thing has been happening to me!

Hm. My original comment wasn't as hilarious as I'd thought.

Sean Scully said...

Yeah, that happens to me a lot. That's why I try not to look back at my old comments, lest I discover that I am not as witty as I recall.