Friday, February 26, 2010

Uh, yeah sure, Maybe.

Once long ago, I got a fortune from a fortune cookie that said "You are the Greatest Person in the World." And really, who could disagree with that? So I taped it over my desk at work.

Then about a year later, I got another fortune at the same restaurant that said "Your stupidity is your greatest problem." I was taken aback, of course, but it's hard to argue with that one either. So I taped it up right under the other one.

I thought they made a nice kind of balanced presentation.

The other day, the boys and I had Chinese food and we got this as a fortune:

This one was a bit harder to make sense of. So I am taking a wait-and-see position.


dogimo said...

See, to me, this follows so naturally from the other two!

Paste it right under.

Tip: all you have to do is get the font right, and a few smiley icons, and a pair of scissors (or a paper cutter) and you can make your own fortunes.

Sean Scully said...

Unfortunately, I lost the first two when I took the leap from cube farmer to struggling freelancer 10 years ago (God, has it been 10 years since I had an office job?).

I may keep this one, though. Per aspera ad astra.