Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti, brought home

I enjoy reading The New Yorker - its a great magazine, well written, stupendously edited, often informative and thought provoking (though I do wish they'd get rid of Malcolm Gladwell and Anthony Lane, but that's just me).

But never, in all my decades of reading the magazine, has New Yorker brought me to tears. This is the single best piece I have ever read in the magazine:

Haiti, the Earthquake, and my family


Brutalism said...

Yes...the Malcolm Gladwell thing is just you. I will be reading the Haiti piece...thanks for the rec.

Sean Scully said...

I liked Gladwell for a long time, but I have just recently gotten tired of his invariable formula (I was over his hair a long time ago - I can say that since I had basically the same hair for half my life). He is now just a short way behind Thomas L. Friedman in my official List of Famous Writers That I Cannot Stand to Read.

dogimo said...

She is right. That is life, and how long it lasts.