Monday, May 18, 2009

The road not taken

Oh, how I wish I had been an ichthyologist. Not because I have any interest in fish - in fact, I usually find them disturbing and unpleasant, except when they are converted into Sushi or a well-timed Filet-o-Fish - but because it would be so cool to say "I am an ichthyologist."

Better yet, I want to be a "Freelance Ichthyologist."

That would make me happy.


dogimo said...

Most ichthyologists are.

dogimo said...

Freelance, I mean.

Sean Scully said...

Oh, I liked it better to think that most ichthyologists are happy. I want that to be true.

blue said...

I'm so glad to have read this, because now I remember why the other day when someone was using the word "indicia," it was reminding me of something to do with fish. I should also note that the person pronounced indicia with a k-like c, and I should probably let that person know I just looked it up and it's a shhh-y kind of c. Indishiya. It's prettier and less 5th-grade funny that way.

Thanks, Seanibus!

Oh, side note, regarding ichthyology: my friend took a class in which she had to strip, clean, disassemble, and reconstruct an entire fish skeleton. I bet you'd have to do this for some ichthyology class, although hers was just anthro. And my two cents is that you should be glad in not making this choice, Seani, because I can still smell that bleachy fish rot from her place, and that was in 1998. I don't think it's worth getting to say the word. And you can still say that, you know? It just won't be accurate.