Thursday, April 02, 2009

Metaphor of the day

There's this guy on this local discussion group I frequent and he's kind of weird. Seemed very earnest, perhaps a little dim (or so I had thought until today), and he seems to be fanatically dedicated to restoring strict republican virtues and an absolute, rock solid literaltist reading of the Constitution (he makes Ron Paul seem like Warren Burger).

But my estimation of him went up considerably this morning when I read this little turn of phrase, which he dashed off in response to a lawyer who was mocking another of his earnest little pleas to return to the faith of the Founding Fathers:

"Rather than fight to uphold the dignity of your lifelong career, it is easier to sit on your haunches warming yourself on the campfire of wall street greed."

That, friends, is pure genius. It is so bad that only a really gifted writer could have conceived it.


dogimo said...


That probably is easier.

I would also point out that it's a far better thing to earn a secure and fulfilling retirement by dint of a lifetime of hard work building a career of which one can be proud, than it is to win the lottery only to lose one's lottery ticket by dint of where the fuck did it go.

dogimo said...

I feel bad though, that you say it is so bad, because on first reading it I had thought it was...this may say a more about me than about you or about him...but I thought it was quite good! Good just on merit.

Not, you know, "bad-good," or "so awful it's good" good.

It is the sort of rhetoric that has gone out of style. From back in a day when rhetoric was an art and a discipline, not a label with which to dismiss.

Ok, obviously today it comes across a bit ripe.

dogimo said...

Man. I just thought, I bet that discussion group kicks ass over the one we used to frequent.


Not that I haven't done my part to set the declining properties on fire.

dogimo said...


I'm not trying to post valuelessly here, Sean, but those terms of use on that discussion group are (with the trivial exception of one misspelled word) breathtaking. I mean it. Nothing unnecessary, everything that should be said - said well, said clearly. It was no lawyer who wrote those, but a writer.

I think I'm in love.


You are so lucky. I wish I lived in Philadelphia. I can't register on there, I'd feel like a real "poser."

Sean Scully said...

Sign up. You're a Jersey boy, aren't you? You're probably more fluent in this stuff than I am.

dogimo said...

Hm. Maybe that is a respectable option. They do have a whole section devoted to the down beach area. So why not???

But first I oughtta finish catching up on 6 months worth of stuff from my home compy being out of commish! Got to see what the load is like normalized before I add to it.