Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The honeymoon is over?

After months of kindness and support, the voices from the Internet have become increasingly cruel and taunting of late. Could it be I am no longer loved as much as I thought? Have I done something to offend? "Evangelene Lejhanec" writes:

hello darling Sean
think the girls will accept your tiny dick? think again buddy

I am shaken, questioning my place in the universe. How can I regain your unconditional love, Evangeline? Please, I must know.


Even as I was writing this, Myles Gilmore wrote to say

hallo buddy sean
you better make it bigger! weren't those her last words?

I must say, in my current delicate state, those very well might be her last words, Myles. You have no idea.


dogimo said...

I confess. It was me who's been sending all those.

dogimo said...

Sike not really