Saturday, July 07, 2007

Just when I was beginning to weary of the Green Flash Brewing West Coast Pale Ale, I find this - the Green Flash Imperial IPA. It's incredibly strong and hoppy - 9 percent alcohol with a considerable hop kick, but lots of flavor. For a beer this strong and hoppy, it has an excellent balance. I would say it is better than Victory's Hop Wallop, which I love.


dogimo said...

Wait - do you mean West Coast IPA? Or do they also have a West Coast Pale?

Sean Scully said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, Mr. technical. I did mean IPA. I had just enjoyed a massive double IPA. You want that I should be able to type correctly?

dogimo said...

Heck, I just thought maybe there was another one I needed to try!

Except that you said you were tired of it, but I figure that takes some doing. Drinking. You know. So it's still a backhanded endorsement.