Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Jails Would be Full

From this morning's Atlantic City Press:

Impersonating a Band could become a Crime in New Jersey

I read this headline and had a brief surge of horror and hope - if this were true, there would be lots and lots of so-called musicians in jail.

I guess it is best that this bill refers only to groups of musicians who get together and claim to be classic oldies acts like The Drifters. The Polyphonic Spree and The Black Eye Peas are safe from prosecution - for the moment...

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dogimo said...

"without having at least one original member."

I find that language troubling. I mean, what about bands like I don't know, whoever, where the band name was a legacy from an earlier incarnation of the band that never became famous? Where only after a dramatic membership shift did the band become successful under a new lineup? Suppose all the "skill positions" were filled by second-generation band members at the time when the big break-through happens? Maybe when their first big album hits, the only "original" member left is the keyboardist. Should he then be able to lord it over the rest of the guys, when they are the reason for the only fame the band ever had? Screw that guy, he's not even that good a keyboardist!

They should fix that language up, to take care of that scenario.