Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fun with the Law

In the course of a small assignment for the Philadelphia Business Journal today, I had occasion to interview a lawyer named Tobey Oxholm, the creator of the new Drexel University law school (how cool is that - there are only a handful of people ever in human history who can say "I created a law school." That is a really excellent career aspiration). He turned out to be an interesting guy - almost had me thinking about law school again for the first time in more than a decade (I wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice, another really excellent career aspiration. Fortunately I realized that is a slightly specialized ambition and backed out before I wound up writing briefs on tax law for the rest of my miserable life).

In any event, I asked him for a headshot - one of those canned mug shots that newspapers run with profiles and so forth. So moments ago in my email, I received this:

I think I like this guy.

1 comment:

dogimo said...

It rather depends on the success of the school.

However, I do agree, it's potentially a very impressive credential.