Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You must read and obey

My online friend Joe, also known in some corners of the Internet as Geode, has finally committed his prose to blog immortality after intense pressure/flattery by several of us. And it was worth the wait. Check him out. Not to, like, put a whole bunch of performance anxiety on him and stuff, but he's got a virtuoso voice that reminds me of Ian Frazier, Steve Martin and Christopher Buckley. The guy should be writing for The New Yorker. You reading, David Remnick? You should be.


dogimo said...

Okay, I just clicked the link, and...that guy sucks! What is this whole recipe he's trying to sell us on? This whole, "oooh, my vocabulary is so firm and lustrous, feel my biceps..." I for one am not buying it. This guy's overcompensating for something big-time, and by that, I mean to imply that he actually answers those raunchy spams touting monstrous girth and such.

Well, maybe not literally answers them, but chuckles appreciatively at them. At the very least.

In any case, thank you for the mention and for the kind words of praise, as yet scantily earned - BUT SOON TO BE. This I vow.

Wait. What did I just vow??

dogimo said...

Although on second thoughts...I'm not sure the 'obey' is such a good recommendation. The examples being set are not necessarily to be followed. Closed course, professional driver. You know.

dogimo said...

Hey, one of these days, you have to give me an example of what you were talking about that time. I'm not sure I'm getting it.