Sunday, April 23, 2006

I think you are an....

Sometimes you just need a good laugh. This one just keeps coming back to me, and the more I think about it, the harder I laugh. Not unlike the infamous "Director of Butt-Licking" episode at the Virginia Tech newspaper a few years back.

It just proves that you should never, ever type something in jest that you wouldn't want to see published. Perhaps next post I will tell the story of the day at The Daily Progress when the managing editor threatened to fire all the people he suspected of being responsible for such a joke-gone-haywire, then keep firing people until he ran out of staff to fire.

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dogimo said...

That's truly funny. Silly-giggling funny. I love how that extra sentence just sits there all lower-case, like a conspiratorial whisper to the constituent! That if anything ought to have caught her eye!

I would have been thrilled to get a letter like that. Wow.